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Who Is Comic Art & Graffix Gallery ??

Comic Art & Graffix Gallery was founded in 1986 by comic art collector and dealer Richard Halegua. Born in New York City, Rich started collecting comic books in 1961, at the tender age of five years old. When he was nine, so that he could afford to buy comics for his collection, he began selling comic books, movie posters & other collectibles to his friends. For some books he got as much as $5.00 !!!!

Then in 1967, high school teacher Phil Seuling sponsored the first major comic book convention in New York. Called the Comic Art Convention, there were tables and tables full of golden age and silver age comics, big little books, newspaper strips, pin-ups, movie posters and original artwork. There were also great guests like Hal Foster and others.

the items above are all original artwork, including art by Al Feldstein, Alex Raymond, Wayne Boring, Frank Frazetta, Russ Heath, Rolf Armstrong, Joe Jusko, Hal Foster, Berni Wrightson, Burne Hogarth, Dick Calkins, Phil Davis, Walt Kelly, Kurt Schaffenberger, Vaughn Bode, E.C. Segar, H.J. Ward, Basil Wolverton and others. They are just a small number of 1000's of originals I have sold or collected over the years.

By the time Rich was 18 he had become a full time comic & collectable dealer in everything from comics to movie posters to baseball cards, monster mags, rock & roll posters and related stuff. He began dealing in Original Comic Book & Comic Strip Art, Pulp Cover Paintings & Pin-Up Art a few years later.

Click the image to see a cool video spot about this website from a CNN broadcast in 1998

During the middle eighties he was part of a crew of dealers who found large amounts of collectables, including finding the old warehouses of comics publishers Fawcett and Standard. In these warehouses were everything from comics, pulps, premiums, artwork, movie magazines, etcetera, etcetera. In the interim he had moved out of NYC and relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he opened an art gallery in 1986 and called it, you guessed it, Comic Art & Graffix Gallery.

Over the next several years he became the pre-eminent dealer of classic original comic art from 1890-1970, buying and selling thousands of pieces of art by such artists as Hal Foster, Joe Shuster, Jack Kirby, Alex Raymond, Frank Frazetta, Berni Wrightson, Steve Ditko, George Herriman and loads of others. He became known as a major collector of classic strips and in particular a major collector of silver age DC comic art and covers, acquiring many choice pieces including the Joe Kubert "Hawkman" cover to Brave & Bold #36, the Hawkman splash page to Brave & Bold #34 , several Carmine Infantino "Flash Covers" and many other great pieces.

Beginning in 1991 Rich was asked by several different magazine publishers to write articles on comic artwork which were published in a wide assortment of titles. His writing has appeared in Collectors Showcase, Original Art Collector, Comics Buyers Guide, Inside Comics, Wizard Magazine & others. Many of these articles are available online in his web resource " Comic Art & Graffix Gallery Virtual Museum & Encyclopedia" where you can read biographies of artists & writers and also about the history of comics. You can find the link for it below

More recently Rich has become heavily involved in buying-selling-trading Movie Posters & Movie Memorabilia and has from 100-300 or more movie items listed for auction each week on both & as well as from this website.

In 1993, Rich moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and has been there ever since enjoying the sunny playground city. It sure has changed here in the 10 years since I took up residence & the change is even more dramitic since the first time I came here in 1976 but what stays the same I ask??

What I Collect & What I WANT

  • Comic Books and Related items
  • Original Comic Book & Comic Strip Art
  • Pulp, Paperback & Magazine Cover Paintings
  • EC, DC & Marvel Comic Art
  • Golden Age & Silver Age Comic Art
  • Newspaper Libraries 1885-1960
  • Big Little Books & other Whitmans
  • Baseball & Non-Sports Cards
  • Pulps & Magazines & Paperback books
  • Movie Posters, Lobby Cards Stills & more
  • Collectible Toys, Tin Toys, Robots etc
  • Movie Magazines 1900-1960
  • Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett & Spillane
  • Hardcover Photoplay Editions
  • Pin-Up Paintings by Elvgren, Mozert, Armstrong
  • Foreign Movie Posters
  • Art by Herriman, Segar, Frazetta, Raymond, Foster, Lou Fine, Ditko, Kirby, Byrne, Eisner
  • All Kinds of item or THOUSANDS...

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